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Traveling: a Strange Sense of Empowerment

Whether you are taking-off permanently or temporarily, the moment you are left alone in an airport or in the car you will sense a strange feeling of empowerment. You might realize that from this moment onward, you might actually have only yourself to rely on and trust. This strength earned from traveling is generated from some encounters and feelings that traveling forces on the traveler.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



First, wherever you are headed to and wherever you are leaving, you are always leaving something behind. If you are not leaving family, friends, loved ones, furry friends, then you are probably leaving memories. Memories create an everlasting bond that you wish you would go back to. You always hear travelers saying “I have to come here again!” but, how likely is this to happen. For that reason, the ability to move on while leaving things behind provides the traveler with a lot of strength.

Additionally, when you are in a new place, you are forced to make relationships and meet new faces and personalities. You will also be forced (to an extent) to deal with the local norms and at least listen to the locals’ issues and struggles that are completely different from yours. Eventually, you as a traveler, will become more accepting of anything different from what you know and what you are used to. Unlike people who were sheltered and spent their lives dealing with only the same kind of mentalities, you will be exposed to new ideologies and your process of thinking will automatically expand and nourish over time.

Finally, traveling taught me not to take things for granted! When am traveling I realize that I am not and will not be in this same place with these people forever. Hence, I learned to optimize time in the best way possible to take advantage and immerse in the place and with the people before heading back to where I came from!

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka






Do you have that same feeling of empowerment from traveling or do you have a different perspective?! 🙂



Oman – Muscat

I’m very thankful for Nashwa to give me the opportunity of writing on her wonderful blog.

Unfortunately, my visit to Oman was very short (few hours only). It was wonderful visit though. I hope to make it longer next time. The capital, Muscat, is beautiful city with an amazing weather nowadays. You’ll enjoy your time outdoor there for sure. Not to mention their tasty food and shopping at their old market.

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5 Easy Ways to Get Up from a Downfall

Whether it’s a family dispute, a fight with a friend, a breakup, or leaving your job on a bad note, most of us have been through a rough patch. Also, we might have struggled and took more time than usual to bounce back. Here are 5 easy and guaranteed ways that will speed-up the heeling process and the recovery from a downfall

      1. Get busy living
While it may be so easy to give up to the sweet temptation of sitting on the couch and binge watch shows on Netflix, there are healthier ways to get over bad times. It is very important to keep your day fully occupied. Whatever opportunity you are faced with to keep yourself busy, accept it! Be a “Yes man/woman” and accept opportunities to step outside and do things. See if you can help colleagues or friends with work, find volunteer opportunities, or help a cousin  with baby sitting. More importantly, exercise! This is the most beneficial task you would do for yourself! Hit the gym or jog in the park like you always said you would. The key is to keep your time and day occupied from morning till night with positive tasks.

  2. Look forward to something new
This is crucial! Looking forward to something new that you are interested in will keep your happy thoughts activated while waiting for this upcoming event.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

My favorite option would be travel to a new city or country that you have never been to before. If this is not financially or timely feasible, you can aim to start reading a new book, learn a new language, try a new water park, or think of a new hobby and work on it! The key is that this action is a new thing that you are very excited about and you can easily start in the coming few weeks.

     3. Taking care of a life
Taking care of a life in your house can be an immense source of positive energy. If you are settled in certain city for quite some time, I highly advise getting a pet! While taking care of a pet can be a lot of effort, having a buddy in the house that you play with, feed and take care of really pays of. A good alternative to a pet is a plant! While plants enhance breathing and increase Oxygen, many studies proved that plants increase productivity and positive thinking.

4. Help others
You would be surprised how being there for others who need your support can give a great sense of satisfaction! The bigger the support you are giving the better it feels. However, simple actions like giving a confidence boost, a sincere conversation, a smile with a nice comment can do wonders! These actions will make you feel as good as you made others feel!

5. Reach out to old friends & family
You never know who is out there who might be going through a similar situation and need you as much as you need them! Reaching out to old friends can be very nourishing as it can be a nice drive down a memory lane that will remind you of your old-self and the simple things that used to make you happy!

6. BONUS point: Count your blessings!
My good friend and life coach, Karim Zayed, told me that he advises his clients to spend a minute per day to think of all the minor and major details in their lives that they are thankful for. When I tried this myself, I did it the first thing in the morning while I am still in bed. That was the best way I ever started the day! ( I messaged my friend right after) For only 1 minute, be thankful for the good people in your life, body, face, skills, house, car, or gadgets, etc. You will eventually realize that you have a lot to be happy and thankful for than to be upset about (I hope).

Borrowing your experiences, can you please share with us other ways you think help to get up from a downfall?!?

Now, there’s no better opportunity to have a fresh start than a new year 😊 Even though every day is an opportunity for a fresh start, take advantage of the new year to dust off the ashes of any tough experience that you have been through and start a fresh new page!

Happy holidays and wish you a great new year ahead!

My nomination for the Liebster 2017 blogging award! :)

Liebster Award

It was one hell of a “YAAAY” moment when my blog, Find Balance, got nominated for the Liebster Award for blogging. I am so proud of the way my blogging journey is starting. I’ve Launched Find Balance around a month ago and things have been going better than expected. I am very glad I took my passion for writing a decent step forward and even more glad I’ve been nominated for this award!

Thanks a lot dear Marni @That Blue Flower for nominating me and giving me this exciting opportunity.  I highly recommend that you check her blog as she has great things to talk about!

A Great Fellow blogger!
               Since this award is about connecting and discovering bloggers around the world (and this is something I am very interested in myself), I would like to talk about a fellow blogger that I just met a month ago when I first launched my blog, Find Balance. This blogger is Mohamad Al Karbi @ Once Mohamad and I connected on WordPress, he immediately messaged me to introduce himself and express his interest in my blog and he showed his support. Also, he invited me for a guest post on his blog (How nice!). His welcoming and very friendly attitude is very inspiring and gave me a really nice kick at the beginning of my blogging journey. 😊 Mohamad has vast knowledge and experience in many areas. For that reason, his blog posts are very useful and relatable. I highly recommend you check out his blog!

My Nominees:

Congratulations, Nominees! Please check out the Official Rules of the Liebster Award page to know what to do next!

In your blog post about the award, don’t forget to write 10 facts about yourself so you readers can get to know you better 😉

Liebster Award rules: 10 facts about Me:

  1. I am a marketeer with a recently discovered passion for academia. I teach public speaking for undergraduates.
  2. I love animals, especially dogs. Pleased to introduce to you Pika. He is a 4 months Shi Tzu ❤ Pika
  3. Socializing and meeting new people is what I enjoy the most during my free time.
  4. I love all outdoorsy adventures; but, swimming in rivers and waterfalls takes me to a whole other dimension of happiness.
  5. I have a passion for travelling and getting to know about different traditions.
  6. Spain is my favorite country. I have a goal that one day I will learn Spanish.
  7. I listen and enjoy almost all kinds of music. Arabic and house are my favorites.
  8. My every new year’s resolution is to be more proactive than the year before.
  9. I skydived over the palm in Dubai.
  10. It was a bit difficult and interesting writing down those 10 facts! 😀

Now your turn! Why don’t you share some random and fun facts about yourself!

The Liebster Award Rules

The Libester Award rules 2017

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  • Provide 10 random facts about yourself. (This year I’m making this optional. If you wish to engage with your readers it’s a great idea to include random facts about you.)
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  • Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post or mine if you don’t have all the information so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it! Post a comment in the comments below so I can view your post and check out your blog. I personally visit each and everyone. I visited a few hundred last year!!
  • If you have been nominated before at any time please share the love. Many people believe the Liebster award is similar to a chain email/letter and sure it shares similarities but the underlining idea is to help promote each others’ blogs.


Its an exciting opportunity for all of us. Lets take advantage of it, enjoy it and get to know and support each other! 🙂 Good Luck!

To my First 100+ Followers & 1,000+ Views from around the World,

Thank you!

Thanks for taking time to read, like, and comment on my posts. Ever since I started this blog a month ago it has been going as intended, where people share their unique perspectives with me and with the readers. That’s exactly the aim of “Find Balance.”

Where we all come from! 🙂

The best thing is that the blog is getting views from 55 different countries (which one is yours?). This is only 28% of the world, still  ot more to go. I highly appreciate this diversity and can’t wait to reach all these untapped countries either physically or through my writings! 😊

list of counties
Can you see your country’s flag?

I hope you stay engaged and inspired. I also can’t wait to be inspired by all your views, comments, and writings if you are a blogger too!

Again, thank you.

Espanya: A Fusion of Everything!

           For three years in a row, I could not miss a summer without visiting beautiful Spain <3. Espanya, as called by the Catalan, has a special place in my heart. While I believe that people should not be the same to get along, such difference could be problematic when friends of different tastes travel together. This may not be an issue if Spain was the destination. Spain has a lot to offer to everyone who is interested in history, culture, sports, nature, or nightlife. Oh and I will not forget the great food and the great people.

Barcelona, Spain


It would only take few minutes of walking in any of Barcelona’s streets like Passeig de Gràcia or Carrer Petritxol to notice the mesmerizing architecture by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. He is most famous for the Basílica de la Sagrada Família or the cathedral of the Holy Family (a must visit!). The cathedral is a symbolic stone representation of the Christian faith and the Family of Nazareth as a model for a united family. The cathedral’s construction is known for the long time its taking. I really can’t wait to see the final look (estimated to be in 2028). Park Guell is another famous work by Gaudi.

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Spain is brimful with a rich culture. In southern Spain, Andalucia is known for its Arabic architecture and beautiful fountains. Also, in Northern Spain, the flamenco dancing with the fierce singing and leg stomping is mind-blowing.

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Moreover, Spain has a wide selection of authentic and very tasty dishes to offer to all the foodie travelers out there! Every restaurant has a wide selection of tapas, or small plates, to offer. My favorite Spanish dish is the famous Paella ❤

Paella = Yummy overdose!


Sport fanatics all around the world know that Spain is a hot spot especially for football (or soccer.) Spain hosts a couple of Europe’s (and the world’s) most famous football teams such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

At Camp Nou (Barca Fan alert ;))










Around 471 KMs (1 hour flight) away from Madrid, the capital, lies one of the biggest party capitals in Europe and the whole world: Ibiza <3. There has not been a person I know that has been to Ibiza once and did not want to go again and again. Ibiza is known for its nonstop parties. Some of the world’s most famous DJs live in Ibiza. The day usually starts with a pre party by the pool or the beach. Ibiza is also famous for some of the world’s best beaches. Then, there is usually a party in other clubs from the afternoon till midnight, followed by another party somewhere else that lasts till the break of dawn!

Ushuaia: Ibiza’s most famous nightclubs!

If you have already been to Spain before, you would know that one article would never do justice in describing the beauty of Spain! If you have not been yet, then it should go on top of your “must visit” list. The people and the land are both very mesmerizing and very inviting. Spain has something of everything to offer. If you are a blogger who is usually inspired by nature, history, culture, food, or people, you will leave Spain with lots of stories to write about! As, Daniel Boulud, a famous French chef, once said  “Spain will always remain inspirational.”


Gracias 😊



Hints and Tints of Hope!

The first step in gaining back lost faith…

Regardless of what we believe in, losing faith can be the most dangerous feeling that one could ever feel. Losing faith is very dangerous because one cannot gain it back through conventional means that rely on facts and real examples. When you have faith, you just believe, and you do not expect for science or anything to provide assurance of this faith. You can have faith in goodness, people, your skills, body, or mind! You can have faith in God (or a God!). Since one’s faith is not really defined by science, it is subject to change. In fact, we might have learned the hard or easy way that “change is the only constant.” Since faith is one of the most important pillars in forming one’s unique identity, it is important to gain it back to have the balance that gives a comfortable life!

Barcelona, Spain – 2014

It is important to gain back faith especially if you are feeling guilty for even thinking you might have lost it! Am not a fan of “testing” faith; but, I believe that there are hints or signs to look out for. While miracles do happen very rarely, I generally do not advice to expect miracles or look for them! However, the people, the mind, or the God that you once had strong faith in, left traces of goodness and credibility behind them when they were gone. When you are on the search or wait for these hints, it is crucial to listen to your heart and trust your gut. Because, again, faith is based on beliefs not necessarily facts. Basically, open your eyes and look into the minor details of everything around you. You had such beliefs for a reason. Eventually, that strong faith you once had and maybe questioned a bit…still exists. Just keep your soul and senses open!